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GagaVille, the Most Monstrous FarmVille Update Yet

Illustration for article titled GagaVille, the Most Monstrous emFarmVille/em Update Yet

GagaVille itself is a bit of a let down. It's just a neighboring farm with a few silly things to click. But for FarmVille regulars, the update brings new items, crops, and decorations-and a chance to listen to tracks from Lady Gaga's upcoming album before anyone else. It's insidious, brilliant pablum.


The three new crops are "Crystal", "Electric Rose", and "Chrome Daisy", all of which can be combined with other crops into new recipes. There are also new items like a "Crystal Fountain" and the "Crystal Stage" which cost FarmVille cash, while a giant "Violet Gem" and "Enchanted Forest" can be had for Coins.

I hadn't logged into my FarmVille account in several months. It's a bit staggering to see how many options have been added to the collection game.


Loathsome as GagaVille may be, I have to admit it's a bit of a coup: the sort of people who are playing FarmVille for hours each day are exactly the sort of people who form the vanguard of Lady Gaga fandom. Both may be brainless pap, but it's brainless pap strapped down to brilliant marketing engines. There's a terrible majesty to it all.

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I dislike Lady Gaga, and it sucks that she's from my hometown. She's such an attention whore; it's unbelievable. And don't give me "She's expressing herself." Jesus. And isn't 3 or maybe even 4 the number of singles an album is supposed to have? It's like every song she's ever made turns out to be a single. Goddamn.

I dislike current pop music so much. I miss the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync.