What Are You Eating?

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Wow, is it Tuesday already? Just kidding, I can't believe it's only Tuesday! At least we have our semi-nightly open thread to ease the pain. And it's one of those delicious Themed Tuesday open threads! Mmmm. Threads.


So, what have you been eating? I've been chowing down on fruit like it's going out of style (and maybe it is), but I've also been enjoying the benefits of owning a gas-powered grill. The BBQ chicken and steaks are worth it! Are you a griller? Any tips or grill favorites for this hungry Kotaku editor and your carnivorous fellow Kotaku readers? Tell us about your culinary predilections in this post, if you please.

If you're not an eater, just enjoy these links and start your own topic of conversation.



Odd you should ask. I'm on a mega-diet right now. I've been eating meals less than 500 calories every 27 hours. It's fucking hell. 26 hours ago I ate one soy corn-dog. In one hour I'll get to eat 4 soy chicken nuggets. I need to lose weight and need to lose weight fast. This is my 10th day of this bullshit. I've lost 14 pounds, but I feel like HELL.