We Have a Winner in MLB 2K11's Million-Dollar Perfect Game Challenge

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When 2K Sports vowed to declare a winner in its second Million-Dollar Perfect Game contest as soon as a winner could be verified, most assumed we'd have heard of a winner in April. Last year's inaugural challenge was won on the very first day, as a matter of fact.


Yet as April dragged into May, some started wondering if there would be a winner - whether because of toughened pitching or a loss of interest after so many weeks of trying. 2K Sports announced today there is a verified winner, someone they'll reveal a week from tomorrow.

"The winning Perfect Game Challenge video was the first submission to be verified in this highly competitive contest, which began on April 1," 2K Sports said in a statement. The publisher "worked with Twin Galaxies, an official scorekeeping organization, to verify the entry and conducted its own in-house examination of the footage and game data to confirm the legitimacy of the perfect game."

It's unlikely that the PlayStation Network outage had anything to do with the prolonged nature of the contest. MLB 2K11's principal audience is on the Xbox 360 (where it is the only licensed baseball sim), and the timing of the announcement suggests the winning game was pitched sometime during the PSN's 23-day outage.

Last year, Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Ala. won the inaugural Perfect Game Challenge on the first day of the contest. 2K Sports waited about a month before making the announcement. McGilberry later appeared in promotional spots for MLB 2K11.



Stevie Richards won it. Everybody knows that. Lets just stop with this charade here 2K.