Longtime Madden Producer Leaves the Team

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Phil Frazier, a 13-year veteran of EA Sports and the executive producer for the label's flagship Madden NFL title, is leaving the company, Kotaku has learned. Frazier's departure follows by two months that of Ian Cummings, the series' former creative director and himself a 10-year veteran of the project.


Madden NFL 12 is due for release Aug. 30; Frazier's departure comes as the title is in its quality assurance and certification stages.

"We appreciate Phil's 14 years of work on the Madden franchise and recognize he was looking for a new opportunity," EA Sports said in a statement. "Our team is changing to tackle new opportunities and we're confident in the new organizational structure and leadership we have in place."

Kotaku understands that Roy Harvey, the executive producer of NCAA Football will take over as executive producer of Madden. Both titles are produced at the same studio, EA Sports Tiburon.

Kotaku has contacted Frazier for comment.


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