How to Play Your Android Games with a PlayStation 3 Controller

Answering the call of Android gamers frustrated by virtual joysticks, Dancing Pixel Studios' Sixaxis Controller can grant your PlayStation 3 controller power over your mobile games, as long as the device is right.


Don't get too excited just yet; there are some pretty strict requirements for running Sixaxis Controller on your Android-powered gadgets. First off, your device will have to be rooted, as process much like jailbreaking an iPhone, giving the users full control over the system. And since the app uses Bluetooth, most HTC devices and some newer Samsung devices won't be able to handle the app without having a custom firmware installed.

If your device is capable of running the Sixaxis Controller app (you can download a free app from the Android Market to be sure), you'll need to pair your Sixaxis or Dual Shock 3 controller to the system, which requires a Windows PC and a mini USB cable.


While it sounds like a real hassle, the reward, as seen above, looks to be worth it, especially if you've got an Android device that features HDMI output, effectively transforming your gizmo into high definition game console.

Sixaxis Controller [Dancing Pixel Studios via Game Set Watch]

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That would work better with an iPad where you could prop it up and play...which I'd be cool with so I could play traditional games one. I use my ps3 and 360 controllers on their respective consoles and PC, so I appreciate saving some money.