Hear Three Tracks from Dead Island's Official Score

Pawel Blaszczak, a composer with credits on Call of Juarez and the first The Witcher, is handling the music for the upcoming Dead Island, whose soundtrack will be released separately in the game's collector's edition. Developer Techland let the Polish-language site Gameplay hear and share three of the cuts, embedded here and below.


Blasczak told Gameplay he built the music to convey themes of sadness and emptiness, though some pieces are, of course, more action-packed. You may read more of his thoughts on his work at the link, which is in Polish, so use Google translation.

Hear First Songs From Dead Island [Gameplay.pl h/t Krystian S.]

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As long as its not generic like pretty much everything that comes out now it'll be cool! :D

Good: Persona, Final Fantasy, Halo.

Bad: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Call of Duty.