Val Kilmer in His Greatest Role (and Hat) Since Real Genius

When film legend Val Kilmer sinks his teeth into the role of the main villain in Spider-Man: Edge of Time, someone's got to die.

Walker Sloan is a scientist from the future that travels back in time to found mega-corporation Alchemax before its time in Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Changing the future affects the past, and two Spider-Men must team up to save two wildly different days. And who's the first actor that comes to mind when you think mad scientist? Val Kilmer, of course.

Okay, maybe not, but he did play a relatively mad scientist in the 1985 comedy Real Genius, which in my opinion makes him more than qualified. Besides, have you seen the man's hat? That there's a voice acting hat. Mess with that hat, and someone's got to die.

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