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Remember When You'd Get Up Early Every Saturday Morning to Watch AwesomeNauts?

Every Saturday morning my little sister and I would bound out of our room, grab a big bowl of sugary cereal, and lose ourselves in the latest episode of AwesomeNauts. Man, those were the days that never really existed.


No, AwesomeNauts isn't a Saturday morning cartoon from the 80s, but it desperately wants to be if this Gamescom trailer is any indication. The press blurb accompanying the cinematic says it "merges the excitement from the A-Team with the elegance of Saber Rider," two great references that go great together. If this were an 80s cartoon, I'm sure I would have watched the hell out of it.

Instead, I'll have to satisfy myself by playing the hell out of Ronimo's 2D brawler when it hits the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade later this year.


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Mr. Mosty-Toasty, fka Cracklin' Oat Train

I'll tell you what I /do/ remember: Bump in the Night, Marsupilami, SWAT Kats, Cowboys of Moo Mesa... The list goes on.

Man, that was some fantastic cartoon-watchin'.