Siege Hero is For Those Who Prefer Vikings to Furious Birds

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I've never liked Angry Birds. Not because I'm angry with any birds in particular, but because I always preferred the free game that came before it, Crush the Castle.


Rather than get bitter at Rovio's billions, Crush's developers (well, hosts) Armor Games, are sticking at it, and have released on iOS a revision of the game called Siege Hero.

Seeking to swtich things up a little from the "hurl something from left to right" formula that both Crush and Angry Birds employ, Siege Hero is like a first-person entry in the genre. All you need to do is tap on the screen where you want the boulder/bomb/stone/fireball to land and that's exactly where it ends up.


This direct control (made simple with the fact you can hold your finger down to get a "scoped" view zooming in on the action) makes things, on one hand, easier than Crush. Your projectiles won't land approximately in the region of where you clicked, you'll be destroying stuff exactly where you want, first time, all the time.

To combat this, though, the puzzles seem to have become a little tougher too, requiring more precision in your tactics than the old "hurl it and hope" solution that always worked so well in Crush.

It also lacks a bit of Crush's old "Monty Python" charm, with its graphics now iPhoneicised into small, slightly repulsive cartoon characters that don't feel quite as rewarding to crush. Its physics also don't seem as realistic, though that could easily be a consequence of the hardware.

Still, it's a great take on the genre, and given the fact it's not only from one of its pioneers - but also features vikings instead of birds - it's a great time-killer for $0.99.


Siege Hero is available now on the iTunes store for both iPhone/iPod and iPad (sadly it's not a universal app).

Siege Hero [Apple App Store]

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I don't dislike Angry Birds because it copied from Crush the Castle, and in all honesty they did a better job of it gameplay wise.

I played most of the levels in CtC and it always turned out that the newest ammo you had was the most effective, period. No real rock/paper/scissor type selection of ammo types was required in much of any way. That's something Rovio did better. It actually paid to use different ammo, and they actually forced you to by giving you a selection of birds, and it also mattered to use them in different orders. Not always as much in every level, but it was more than I experienced in CtC in any case.

Good to see Armor Games making another step with this. I like the ideas that you can pull/burn/explode/impact things, and they definitely have a better overall launch-system where you can at least see wtf you are doing. Launching something from miles away, way off-screen from what you are hitting can turn into a trial-and-error fest real fast.