Are You Going Commando To the Gears Of War 3 Launch

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GameStop sent us a box of underwear, t-shirts and steak seasoning to help promote their Go Commando Gears of War 3 giveaway... What now?


The t-shirts all say Go Commando, as do the boxers, but what about that steak seasoning?

"Omaha steak seasoning - to help prepare a Gears meat shield."

Wait, doesn't the underwear sort of negate the whole going commando thing?

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SUPER SneakySpyGuy

Only six more days till release. Really looking forward to it. Hopefully the multiplayer doesn't turn out to be a buggy mess. I'm glad they had the beta, even though I didn't try it out. Can't wait to run around the map and blow people up with Anya. See you Grubs online!