The Sims Team Definitely Got the Idea for This Video from Herman Cain's Tax Plan

While comparing Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's "9-9-9" tax play to the default settings for a SimCity game was an amusing diversion, no one actually believes Mr. Cain borrowed his ideas from a video game. No one except the video game's creators, that is.


That fun-loving bunch over at EA's The Sims Studio flex their creative muscles to create this video, which while entertaining is certainly not a new version of SimCity. No, instead of crafting us an exquisite, state-of-the-art new city simulator, they're poking fun at poor old Herman Cain, a man I used to listen to on Atlanta's WSB radio on a regular basis; a man that doesn't need anyone's help being goofy.

But look at him! He's eating pizza and playing video games! I do that at least once a week. Do you think I could be president one day?

In honor of having their game thrust briefly into the spotlight, EA currently has SimCity Societies and SimCity 4, and SimCity Societies: Destinations marked down to — wait for it — $9.99. Also $9.99 is the SimCity Box, which includes SimCity 4, SimCity 4: Rush Hour, SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies: Destinations, and The Sims Carnival: SnapCity. If I were you I'd go for the box.

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I think you'd be a better president than any of the other Republican presidential candidates, Fahey. Yes, even Ron Paul.

Oh yes, I went there! Come at me, Paulbros! :3