Celebrate Diablo's 15-Year Anniversary With This Retrospective Video

Check out the retrospective video Blizzard put together about the history of Diablo, Battle Net, and other pieces of the company's history from today's BlizzCon.


The video outlines the beginnings of Diablo as a claymation game, the absorption of Condor Games into the Blizzard fold, the success of the sequel, and the pending release of Diablo 3.

The retrospective is narrated by Senior Vice President Chris Metzen, and this little jaunt through one of the industry's most famous developers is a treat for any fan of the franchise.


I was one of the "Ring of One Thousand" featured in the credits of the original Diablo. 1000 people were chosen to beta test Diablo in 1996. With the internet in its public infancy, it was a sign-up to get one of the slots, with a "first come-first served" opportunity.

The sign-up went live on Blizzard's website at midnight pacific time. The site crashed a few seconds after midnight . I spent the next 35 minutes or so hitting "Refresh" on my browser. At around 12:35am, the sign-up form showed up. I typed as fast as I could and hit submit, and I was awarded a slot in the 800s.

Internet connections weren't as fast as today, so Blizzard mailed out the beta discs to everyone. On it was the first four levels of Diablo. I played those first four levels over and over and over and....

It was a great opportunity, and I can say that my name is in the credits of Diablo.