Hardest Game Ever Has a Lofty Title. It Features Short Games

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For a good chunk of the last decade, it seemed like I played an absurd amount of mini-games.


There were mini-games on gaming handhelds and home consoles. Mini-games, mini-games, mini-games. You'd think I would have had my fill.

Thing is, I haven't.

Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s is a collection of, wait for it, mini-games. In the last few years, mini-games became synonymous with casual gaming, and Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s definitely has one foot planted firmly in Casual-Land. That's not a bad thing.


The mini-games consist of the likes of counting things on screen, doing addition, shooting a target, and catching eggs.

I only played the free version, so I don't know how the paid version is, but all the mini-games I played were enjoyable and took advantage of the Apple's interface.

The games are timed and should remind you of a Wario Ware type experience. If you fail to complete a challenge, the screen flashes to a defeated male character with the words "Failed".

You start off on "Easy", which was easy enough, and then progress through "Normal", which I'm finding increasingly challenging.


This might not be the hardest game in the world. That actually doesn't matter. What mattered, for me at least, was the gentle reminder just how fun a succession of mini-games can be. And just because they're short, that doesn't necessarily mean they're a cake walk.

The free version of Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s is available in the link below.

Hardest Game Ever - 0.2s [iTunes]

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Hardest game in the world still belongs to I Wanna Be The Guy. Just ridiculous.