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Ubi Trying to Make Things Drawsome with new Wii Tablet Peripheral

Maybe no company's speaking to as many different strata of gamers as Ubisoft right now. You want hardcore action games? They'll serve up the Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six and/or Prince of Persia series. You want a goofy party game? Choose from the Just Dance, Michael Jackson and Black-Eyed Peas franchises. Think that your console should be helping you get into shape for what you've paid for it? A slew of Your Shape experiences await you.


And now that a subcategory of tablet/drawing games starting to bubble up—thanks to THQ's uDraw hardware and games— UbiSoft's going after that, too. In a surprise announcement, the French publisher's revealed that it'll be rolling out a new tablet peripheral for the Wii called Drawsome. It's a 6.5x5-inch screen with a docking port for the Wii-mote that also houses a stylus. The initial offering will also bundle in two games—Drawsome Artist and Drawsome Sketch Quest—along with the hardware. Artist acts as a learn-to-draw tutorial while Sketch Quest is an action/adventure game. The Amazon listing for the bundle cites a $59.99 price tag and Ubi says the whole kaboodle will be available starting on December 6th.


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Drawsome? Really? When did Ubisoft have to start drawing on puns to sketch out new markets?