A Rare Glimpse at Steam Sales Figures

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Sadly, Valve never releases sales figures for its Steam digital shopfront on the PC. So we never get an overall idea of how popular the platform is. Sometimes, though, figures slip out, and today is one of those days.

Guillaume Rambourg, from competing service Good Old Games, has revealed sales figures from a single title, The Witcher 2, and it makes for impressive reading if you work for Valve. It's dispiriting if you work for anyone else.

Good Old Games sold around 35,000 copies of the game, not bad for a service geared mainly towards retro titles. Rambourg then says all other major digital retailers combined, that being Direct2Drive, Impulse and GamersGate, sold only 10,000 copies. Again, that's combined.


And Steam? It sold 200,000 copies.

If you want to know why EA is so dead-set on cracking the PC digital delivery market, this is why. That's an awful big slice of the pie for a single company to be feasting on.

"Your customers hate DRM" - Rambourg [GI.biz]

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I don't want steam to have competiotion (*Gasp!). Okay, that sounds crazy, I know, but hear me out.

Steam will always have competition on the brick and mortar front. I want Steam to continue competing with those guys. If Steam stops offering me great deals, I'll just go buy the disk. What I don't want is another online service competing with Steam. Steam has lost a good number of sales, now that EA is no longer working with them. If other companies follow suit, soon Steam will have only smaller indie titles. That will be a pain, since as others will point out, my games will be all over the place on my PC.

Add to that the fact that if Steam ever goes under, I'm kinda screwed. I have a lot invested in them as a company. I'm not talking shares or anything, I just mean my Steam Account is worth a fair amount. I really don't want them to fail... ever...

Also, Steam has been good to me. If I was worried about consumer rights, I'd want more competition, but the fact is that Valve and Crew give me good prices and a good service.