Show me Your Dovahkiin. I Want to See It.

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Dovahkiin. Sounds saucy, but as those eyeball-deep in Skyrim will tell you, it's also the label handed out to the hero of the game. It means "Dragonborn", and like any other Elder Scrolls game, it's about the only thing everyone's character will have in common.


Some people roll male. Others female. Some roll Nord, or Imperial, or Redguard. They might go blonde, they might go ginger. They'll favour magic, or prefer smashing people's heads open with sharp/heavy things.

Basically, everyone's character will be different. Which means it'll be interesting to see what everyone's come up with. So...let's see them!


Show me your Dovahkiin. Leave him or her in the comments section below. If you're on PC, take a screengrab! If you're on console, take a photo! And when you do, don't just dump a photo. Tell us their name, how you rolled, how you're playing, etc. Because that's likely to be as interesting as the face you came up with.

To get things started, you can see my strapping Nord up top, modelled on the most appropriate man I could think of for a game like this: High on Fire's Matt Pike.

His name is Thalgrin. And Thalgrin cares not for magic. He cares for giant swords, and likes to see the whites of an enemy's eyes before he runs them through.

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Strom the Nord. On the verge of level 16. Would be higher if I didn't mess around working on blacksmithing. Working on one-handers, blocking, archery. A little sneaking and lock-picking thrown in as well.

PS - I'm a werewolf