See Barry Allen Become The Flash in DC Universe Online's Next Extension

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Tour Central City, the home turf of The Flash, and go back in time to the moment Barry Allen became the Scarlet Speedster with "Lightning Strikes," the second downloadable content extension for DC Universe Online. The package also delivers new Electricity Powers, the game's eighth power set, for your character creation/re-spec.

"Lightning Strikes" does not yet have a specific release date although Sony Online Entertainment said it would arrive "later this year." The biggest value it will deliver, in addition to the power set, is the addition of a Central City map that, in addition to Gotham City and Metropolis, offers its own solo and group missions.

The DLC also offers The Flash Museum Duo, a mission in which players may travel back in time to the moment Barry Allen, CCPD forensic scientist, was doused by strange chemicals during a lightning storm and became The Flash.


The Flash, and Jay Garrick (the Golden Age Flash) already appear in the base edition of DC Universe Online. With "Lightning Strikes," new characters such as Livewire, The Top, The Trickster, Static and Black Lightning will be introduced as well. Some, such as Livewire, will become templates at the character creation menu.

The DLC will be $9.99 for all but Legendary-level subscribers, who get it for free. DC Universe Online went free to play earlier this month.

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Sonofabitch, I literally ***JUST*** bought the Lantern DLC two days ago. Now that's gone free, and a new pack is coming out. Dammit!

Also... the Flash? Really? What about Static? Or, even better, didn't DC acquire the rights for an inFamous comic-series? What if we could suddenly take a trip to New Marais or Empire City?

Alas, Flash is okay, I suppose. I guess I was just always more of a Marvel kid, save for Batman and Green Lantern. Hopefully they introduce some more low-level areas, though; Metropolis and Gotham are cool and all, but they get pretty old.

In fact, something tropical would be nice!