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It's Okay to Pee on the UK’s Newest Game Console

First, they put advertisements in front of men's urinals, figuring dudes who have to answer nature's call are a built-in audience. Now, men's latrines are becoming interactive as the urinal consoles that have been in place in Japan begin their march westward.


The report linked above showcases the first installation of playable pee stations in the United Kingdom, highlighting titles from Captive Games. As seen on their site, the games have lads putting out fires, steering skiing penguins and answering quiz show questions with sensors activated by the movements of a man's number one movements. There's some toilet-humor commonality with the games that Sega's released in Japan but without the pervy undertones. If these things turn out to rain down golden showers of money, it should be only a matter of time until trendy lounges in the United States start holding tournaments of competitive pissing matches. Call it the latest in streaming media where urine charge of the action. Or something.


Computer games now in public urinals
[Sky News]

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Train Dodger

I don't want to play a game while I pee. I just want to pee in peace. Is that so wrong?