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See How Unit 13 Brings Touch-Happy Tactical Shooting to the PlayStation Vita

Here's a look at the upcoming portable from the makers of the SOCOM games. You'll see how the same kind of tactical focus has been revisited and rebuilt for a portable and more social experience, as previously noted by our own Stephen Totilo. With the fact that the Vita's a dual-stick handheld, this could be a shooter that feels like the ones made for consoles do, but one with intriguing network features that make it stand apart, too. Unit 13 will hit during PlayStation Vita's launch window, which opens on Feb. 22 of next year.


Video Tour: Unit 13 Takes Shooters Social on PS Vita [PlayStation Blog]

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Is there a function to sync your wireless PS3 controller to play Vita games? I can imagine how awesome it would be to pack a Vita and controller in your bag and just use the Vita as a portable screen.