Your First Look at Kid Icarus: Uprising's Online Multiplayer

News that Kid Icarus: Uprising will feature both local and online multiplayer was followed up with this video showing the game's online play in action.


The gameplay looks like free-roaming third-person shooter with wings and some fancy weapons. Players seem to team up, light versus dark, in this video. Though there's also a free-for-all Battle Royale mode.


Kid Icarus: Uprising is due out on North American 3DS on March 23.

[via Sidemission]

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Nintendo HAS had games with online and SOME of those games have been functional, but none of their games have been anything to hold up to a pedestal to tell other game makers that this is how online should be.

This game looks no different.

I mean considering the mess that's Skyward Swords WiiWare channel to change save files to fix a game breaking bug show that Nintendo has a LONG way to go before anyone can validly defend the company's online infrastructure.