Google Maps Becomes A Video Game

Coming to Google+ Games in February is what appears to be a virtualized marble balance game with a theme more grounded than what you'd find in your average dentist's waiting room; you'll be tilting your way through the streets of our own world.

The ad above above demonstrates the concept for the game-ified maps service, and does one better by including some lovely retro gaming sounds. This game could also seems like it could be a great fit for the tablet market, given how well it would play with motion controls.

For more on Google's ever-evolving maps service, visit their official site.

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guy a, "how do we improve Google Maps?"

guy b, "how about adding more useful navigation function?"

guy a, "thatll never work."

guy b, " lets make it into a game. social gaming is real big money maker right now. who cares if its useful?!"

guy a, "genius!"