Take a Look at Mass Effect 3's Mars

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Mass Effect 3 won't just bring Commander Shepard to Earth. He/She is going to Mars. Briefly, according to series writer Mac Walters, during an interview last night with Game Trailers TV's Geoff Keighley.

Check out a short glimpse of ME3's Mars action in the video below, which contains the entire Mass Effect 3/Modern Warfare 3 episode of GTTV from last night. The Mars stuff starts at the 5:58 mark.

There's also a lot more talk about the game's co-op mode. You'll find that at 14:50.



GTTV, January 20, 2011 [Game Trailers]

(Other headline considered for this story: Get Your Mass Effect 3 to Mars)

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I still can't get past the ridiculousness of the Reapers landing on Earth. It doesn't make any sense, its not like its the center of the galaxy, and it has very little strategic importance. For an eternally-old omnipotent space race they sure are terrible at planning invasions.