Scientists Discover a New Pac-Man Frog

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Look at that badass up there! That, ladies and gents, is a Suriname horned frog, dubbed the "Pac-Man Frog." According to Prensa Latina, scientists in the South American country of Suriname found 46 new species of animals, from insects to fish to frogs. One of those frogs was a new species of Pac-Man Frog, which are called that because their bodies are almost spherical, and their mouths are large enough to allow them to wolf down prey that almost match them in size.

A cursory examination into this led me to, who has this to say about the Pac-Man Frog:

Pacman frogs have mouths as wide as their bodies – showing a semblance to the Pacman video game character. Pacman frogs are generally varicolored species. There are many different color variants and combinations existing. The most common colors would be green, dark brown, red and albino. Albinos, despite being called such, actually have bright yellow markings.

Pacman frogs are what you could call horned frogs because of the projections on their bodies. The majority of Pacman frogs are endemic or in non-scientific terms, exclusively found in South America. The quintessential example of the Pacman frog is the Argentine horned frog. This frog, like its name, could be found in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.


Further searching brought me to National Geographic, who shared the photo above courtesy of Conservation International. Look at that sucker! That is one big-mouthed frog. I could see him hoarking down ghosts, no problem.

While I was at NatGeo, I also found this illustration of the ancient frog species Beezebufo, which they call a "Giant Frog from Hell." It was too awesome not to share, so, you're welcome:

Illustration for article titled Scientists Discover a New emPac-Man/em Frog

New species discovered in Suriname [Prensa Latina]

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46 new species? Man, it's totally going to unbalance everything. Also, look at that thing. It's like they've run out of ideas and are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Can't they come up with something more original than just another frog? Jeez.