4Chan Used to Promote a Japanese Manga (Well, Sorta)

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In Japan, it's not uncommon for books and manga to be promoted with Japanese internet forums, such as 2chan. Retailers and publishers might put stickers or banners that say something is popular online. But, as website World Three pointed out, they've expanded.

At the bottom of Japanese manga It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular, there's a string of text that reads: "海外の2ちゃん的な掲示板で大人気!!" or, loosely, "A smash hit on the overseas version of 2chan!!"

The overseas version of 2chan is 4chan. Since more people in Japan are familiar with 2chan, the publisher chose to package 4chan as the foreigner version of 2chan. It's just easier to convey.


The manga is already a sleeper hit on 4chan, where it's getting an English language fan translation. The reason why this manga in particular seems to have touched a nerve is, as tipster Reinhard pointed out, "because the protagonist is similar to the social awkwardness and fears many users of 4chan go through."

By mentioning that this manga, which doesn't have an official translation abroad, the publisher is by default giving its seal of approval to the 4chan project.

That's Pretty Cool [World-Three Thanks, Reinhard!]

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I guess this is another argument FOR helpful piracy.

If it weren't for scanlations, 4channers would have had virtually no exposure to the author's work, and otherwise would not have benefited from this sort of Western response.