Another 100,000 Beta Invites Go Out for Diablo III

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North American subscribers to, check your inboxes—and your spam box, in case its settings are too strict. Blizzard sent out another 100,000 invitations to the Diablo III beta overnight.


This message comes with a cautionary warning: phishers try to take advantage of this crap all the time, so be sure that anything you click is indeed from Blizzard or links to a legitimate Blizzard domain before you provide your login information. This is especially true if your password is the same as any other you use elsewhere.

If you didn't get a beta key, don't worry, there will be another round of invitations in the future.

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Oh Blizzard... Entire summers were spent clicking away on demons in Diablo II. Countless Tristram/Cow/Tomb/Mephisto/Baal runs were completed. Hours spent honing my mouse skills so that i could pick up the best loot before anyone else got their terrible hands on it. Finding copious amounts of Sigons armor. Yet my inbox remains barren of any sort of Diablo III beta invite.

But I'd be willing to bet the kid who has never heard of diablo, who only knows WoW, got one. same for Starcraft players, and the people who didnt even remember they had a BNet account. Beta Keys WASTED I SAY, WASTED!

They send out 100,000 keys just to toy with the me.