Giant Gundam? No, Tiny (and Adorable) Gundam.

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Japan is famous for its giant mecha statues. But not all Gundam are huge. At this weekend's Wonder Festival in Chiba, a little kid showed up with his father, ready to cosplay. The kid wore a homemade Gundam costume, proving once and for all that you're never too young to dress like a giant mecha.

In case you missed it, check out the winter Wonder Festival's cosplay.


あらゆる意味で個性的なコスプレ写真まとめ in ワンフェス2012[冬] [Gigazine]

(Top photo: logo_tm | Gigazine)

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I watched SD Gundam Force when it was on Toonami and even bought some of the figures. My brother loved it too. I remember when people would I really post about Gundam Seed that they were talking about this show and my posts must have seemed really weird. liked the samurai one, maybe I should watch the new one that's entirely samurai Gundams.

This relevant solely because that is an SD Gundam cosplay.