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Perfectly Pixilated Prince of Persia Prowls the Streets of Israel

In this brilliant video from Israel's Karahat, the hero of Jordan Mechner's 1989 platforming classic comes to life in pixel-perfect form, right down to the stumbling animations and Mario prison romance.


Maybe the Mario bit wasn't in the original game. Everything else was, more or less. Kaharat (which means bald head, appropriately enough) isn't just dressed up in Prince of Persia pixels; he becomes the character, odd gait, hesitated jumping, sword-fighting and all. I'd take this over Chesty Jake any day.

In ancient Persia he would have been a hero. Today's he's just another one of Mario's conquests.


Real Prince of Persia! [YouTube - Thanks, Yotam!]

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Ahhh... Prince of Persia. I remember in fondly for being the first game I "pirated" by making tons of copies of it in 8th grade computer lab on the Macs they had in there. I probably spent more time watching the progress bar on copies than I did actually playing it.

We got in a wee bit of trouble for that little bit of fun.