Go Land on the Moon, it's Real Pretty up There

Indie developer Sean Edwards' Lunar Flight, which we first showed you last year, is now done. And it's looking very, very pretty.


It's currently available for $10 on GamersGate.



Oh man, this is cool. I wish someone would make a game that combines this, Moonbase Alpha, and a strategy/sim. (You know, back in the dark ages, EA had 'Earth Orbit Stations' for the Apple and Commodore) I'd be all over that shit.

Okay, so picture this... Each group of players represents a commercial space enterprise, and you choose a location on the Moon for your starting base which consists of a temporary habitat, a lander, a rover, a small solar power and comms array, and a couple equipment containers. The player in charge of the base requests modules be sent from Earth, and they arrive via unmanned rockets. The players then have to go GET the module, as it will land fairly near, but not WHERE it needs to go, move it into position, and deploy it. This involves 'unpacking' the module, hooking it up to the base infrastructure, and whatnot.

You'd have several types of bases; research/exploration, manufacturing, and supply.

The object, besides BEING IN FRIGGIN SPACE, DOING FRIGGIN SPACE STUFF, would be profit. And there would be a lot of incentive for cooperation, as the less dependent the bases are on Earth, the more money they save. It's not meant to be competitive, the experience is most of the point.

For instance, supply bases are the most basic, they don't really 'do' anything besides move stuff around, but all the other bases benefit greatly from them. A manufacturing base needs a supply base to move goods. Research bases need a lot of supplies. All bases benefit from research, not only from technological improvements and surveying for new sites, but also because they grow food, reducing the supplies needed from Earth. Manufacturing makes materials and components that can be sent back to Earth, or used to supply other bases.

Things will break down and people will need to fix them. Bases will need supplies brought to them. Sometimes astronauts from multiple bases will have to work together on something. (Like building a mass driver at a supply base)

Hey, if anyone wants to do this, I have a whole bookshelf full of old NASA materials about lunar manufacturing and colonies and stuff, and would love to help.