Check out Dyad, a Majorly Musical Upcoming PS3 Game

News of Dyad has been out there in the ether for a little while (we've even written about it). The in-development PS3 game combines racing and music, imagining players as a single particle flying along at warp speed.

Lancing and combining with other particles causes changes in the music, triggering tones and textures. The second, more-recent video below shows gameplay, demonstrating the interactive musical qualities of the game. As the player zooms along, the pulsing, chaotic beat is constantly shifting, growing, and changing.


Unlike some other recent music games like Child of Eden, Dyad looks chaotic and jarring, almost as though it pushes players beyond the more cohesive simulated synesthesia of other music games. I get the sense that this might lend it a more meditative quality, though the game also looks to be quite demanding.

I'll be meeting with the game's creators, Shawn McGrath and David Kanaga, next week at GDC and will know more about the game soon. Until then, check out these videos, and try not to trip out too hard.

Dyad [Official Site]

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Arrogant Bastard

Although this doesnt seem to be rhythm based gameplay, the look of it reminds me of both Frequency and Amplitude. Absolutely love those 2 games.