Is Super Mario Bros. History's Greatest Masterpiece of Surrealism?

The surrealism of Super Mario Bros. would seem to be self-evident but, as PBS' Idea Channel on YouTube says, perhaps it has been around for so long that its non sequiturs are taken for normal.


Its wide acceptance (and a catalog of work spanning more than two decades) may make the Super Mario Bros. franchise the world's greatest piece of surrealist art. It's a great argument, but first, let's understand what surrealism is.

This video gets the conversation going with a discussion of surrealism and its essential qualities. Simply being bizarre isn't what makes something surreal. And the video points out that the surrealism of an interactive medium can end up having real-world applications, in ways a static painting could not.


C'mon, maybe it's a Saturday, but you can still learn something today, too. I did.

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This is what i tell everybody! If i made a mario bros, i wouldnt bother to "real it up" it would be a surreal bizarre movie of a man jumping on turtles to survive...