Deus Ex Designer Warren Spector Isn't a Real Spectre? I Feel Cheated.

Earlier this month at the Game Developers Choice Awards, Deus Ex and Epic Mickey designer received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the gaming. This Mega64 tribute to Spector featuring Epic's Cliff Bleszinski aired during the program. I'm surprised they didn't take the award back on the spot.

I mean come on, Warren Spector didn't work on Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Kinect Disneyland Adventures, was never a producer for The Beatles, isn't a real ghost and most likely hasn't inspected a war in his life (certainly not an invisible one)? What has this man done to deserve such honors?

*watches end of the video*

Oh. Oh my. I take it all back.

Of course Spector deserves the award. The Rocky and Bullwinkle thing is just the icing on a Warren-flavored cake. Anyone else hungry?


Warren Spector Tribute with Cliff Bleszinski [Mega64]

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lol, nice.

The guy was part of System Shock (first FPS/RPG hybrid), Deus Ex (pioneering design in player choice), Wing Commander, Ultima Underworld 1-2 (the games that pioneered looking up and down in 3d), and Ultima 6-7 (7 lauded to be the best in the series). He's done more than enough already in his lifetime that was awesome, despite Epic Mickey, Thief 3, and Invisible War.