Angry Birds Space Slingshots Its Way Into Gaming App of the Day

You've read all about Angry Birds Space in our explainer article, now watch me play it as we officially give Rovio's latest and greatest a nod as our Gaming App of the Day.

Note that I did not have time to edit out my numerous misses in the middle of the video, so please feel free to pretend none of that happened. I'm still getting my space legs.


As Stephen mentioned, you should really be playing this. Here's how to get it.

Angry Birds Space [Android Free Version]
Angry Birds Space [Android, 99 cents]
Angry Birds Space [Kindle Fire]
Angry Birds Space [iOS for iPhone and iPad, requires iPhone 3GS and/or iOS 4.0 and up, 99 cents]
Angry Birds Space HD [iPad only, $2.99]
Angry Birds Space [Mac, $4.99]
Angry Birds Space [PC, $5.95]

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$6 for the PC, $1 for iOS? What's the difference between the two besides platform that warrants a 600% price hike?

I do really want this now, but I try not to spend money on apps...especially since I'm broke...but it looks really fun...........anyone want to give me an app store gift card? I only need $1 :D .