If you're wondering why the graphics update for Land of Dragonrunes never came out, you only have the brutal hands of Tera spokesman and MMA legend Bas Rutten to blame. Well, that and the fact that the game doesn't technically exist.

Bas Rutten doesn't let something as paltry as non-existence get in the way of delivering a righteous smackdown to these actors in developer clothing. Or actors portraying LARPers, or MMO players.


Man, Rutten really has it out for actors.

This final video in the MMO-FO saga picks on older massively multiplayer titles with their outdated game engines. Tera is powered by Unreal Engine 3, which makes it very pretty when it isn't breaking the sky.

And nothing makes Bas Rutten want to beat up fake game developers like a fake ugly game.


Are You an MMO-FO? [Tera]