The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Looks Great in LEGO

You know, I haven't actually seen the live-action version of this trailer. For most movies these days, I go into blackout mode, try and save myself for when I see the actual flick.

So I'm in a weird spot now. I'm going to go see this movie later this year, and I'm going to see these scenes, and I'm going to think it's weird that Gary Oldman isn't made out of plastic.

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Anyone have any ideas when/what/etc the NEXT "series" of batman will come about?

(By idea I mean...who do you think should direction it, when will it come out?(5 years?), what villains?)

This was a poorly constructed comment...just tell me your DREAM Batman movie.

Me, I'd like to see Tim Burton(or someone like him) back at it. While I love the "realistic" take on Batman...I want the comic-book feel back. Well...the supernatural comic-book feel.

Loved the semi-old batman films. Grew up watching them.