Street Fighter x Tekken Vita Version Features New Characters, Cross-Console Play with PS3

We've got new trailers for the PS Vita edition of Street Fighter x Tekken. Capcom promises 55 characters in the Vita version: the 43 available in the console game as well as six more from each side. Blanka, Cody, Dudly, Elena, Guy, and Sakura round out the Street Fighter crew, and Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars, and Lei come in from team Tekken.


Much to-do was made over the 12 characters exclusive to the Vita version of the game, as they shipped as locked content on the PS3 disc. This fall, players who own the PS3 version who buy the PS Vita edition will see their additional characters unlock. Additionally, all future DLC purchased on one platform will cross over to the other. According to Capcom, "All DLC purchased on the PS3 version can be used on the PS Vita version, and vice versa. Additionally, edited and customized data on the PS Vita version can be transferred to the PS3 version via a save data link."

Continuing the cross-compatibility theme, players who own either the PS3 or the PS Vita editions of the game will be able to compete cross-platform with each other, via the PlayStation Network. The Vita edition also promises to add touch controls to both menu and game screens.

As yet, Capcom has not provided an official release date for Street Fighter x Tekken Vita, saying only "fall 2012."



Everyone complaining about on-disk DLC for this game needs to remember what happened to Mortal Kombat last year when they started offering DLC characters. There were crippling compatibility issues online between people who bought the DLC versus people who didn't. In order to fix this, Activision decided to make everyone download character "compatibility" packs, which were really just the files for the characters themselves, and then what you actually paid for were codes to unlock the characters you had already downloaded.

So what's the difference? Sure, I'd like to have all 55 characters (which is why i'm waiting for the Vita version of this game) unlocked from the start. But, if including the characters on the disk prevents the kind of issues that plagued Mortal Kombat until they got everything ironed out months after release, it seems to me to be the lesser of two "evils".