Monster Hunter Cannot Quit the PSP

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Even though the PS Vita could really use a Monster Hunter game, the next spin-off installment in Capcom's monster hit series is PSP bound.


In Japan, Monster Hunter has been key in the PSP's success.

Like Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village, the game is a spin-off and features those fictional cat people. The game is called Airu de Puzzle, and apparently is a puzzle fighter type game. It'll be out in Japan on July 19. On the PSP!


PSPに「モンハン」関連の新作が登場します [Twitter via ゲハ]

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Everyone wants Monster Hunter for the Vita, which is understandable, but why would you buy a Vita and expect Monster Hunter? The only system it's announced for is the 3DS, both 3G and 4, to be exact. Why not get a 3DS once 3G gets a Western release date? Reminds me of the people who bought a PS3 expecting Kingdom Hearts 3, a game that wasn't even shown or announced yet and at this rate might not even come to it.