Infinite Combos Scheduled for Termination when Street Fighter X Tekken Patch Arrives Mid-May

Illustration for article titled Infinite Combos Scheduled for Termination when emStreet Fighter X Tekken/em Patch Arrives Mid-May

Four infinite combinations discovered last month in Street Fighter X Tekken all will be obliterated by a patch scheduled to move by mid-May, Capcom said yesterday afternoon.


The combos affected Kazuya, Kuro, Xiayou and Pac-Man. Two were console exclusive characters (Kuro and Pac-Man, on the PS3) and Xiayou's infinite hinged on a one-frame link between attacks. Notably, none of these infinites involve characters from Capcom titles, which developed this game.


Other fixes involve changes to frame data and and the means to block an attack (or not be hit by one). The post at Capcom-Unity has full details.

Street Fighter X Tekken patch notes, infinites, frame data and more addressed [Capcom-Unity]

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I hate playing combo-heavy games like this and Mortal Kombat online because I always encounter dorks that studied a combo flowchart and just repeat the same combo pattern every time. If I am opened up for an attack twice in one match I lose. I don't see how that is fun compared to a traditional match where it is a constant trade-off between attacks. I guess some people don't mind watching their character get helplessly hit 30 times in a row while you just sit and watch.

I still will play the newer games locally and online with friends, but these really long-chained combos are nothing more but an exploit for online players to spoil what could have been a fair and fun match. Killer Instinct seemed to be one of the first games to introduce an over-the-top combo system, and it seems like most fighting games started to go downhill from that point.