This Isn't Gun Porn. It's LEGO Gun Porn You Can Make.

As a kid, I'd often snap LEGO bricks together and make crude pistols. They didn't shoot anything, so for added realism, I would go "bang bang". Like I said, crude.


If I'd seen Jack Streat's LEGO gun creations, my head would've explode. Heck, seeing them as an adult is doing just that—ka-boom!

The 17 year-old Streat earned his well-deserved internet fame by designing one-to-one scale working gun replicas made from LEGO. He's parlayed that know-how into a new book LEGO Heavy Weapons, which gives directions to make four working full-scale LEGO guns.


The book has directions for brick versions of a Desert Eagle, a AKS-74U, a Jungle Carbine, and a SPAS combat shotgun. Think of it as a "greatest hits" section of a first-person shooter—but in LEGO.

From what I've seen of the book, the step-by-step directions are detailed—and lengthy. For example, the LEGO Desert Eagle's how-to is around 50 pages long. Ditto for the other brick firearms' instructions.

Streat provided Kotaku with his latest video (above). It gives a look at the weapons in action, as well as rendered (and fascinating) look at how the parts move and interact.

For those interested in picking up LEGO Heavy Weapons, the book is up on Amazon for pre-order. There's also more info on the publisher's website. Check it out.


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EatonCorvinus me understand this. "Gun porn" - what does this even mean?

Many pictures of guns = gun porn?

Which means, many pictures of cake = cake porn?

Then what about many pictures of porn = porn porn?

Makes no sense. But it's funny to see how the amount of articles involving sex and porn - even if it's just a word in a headline - has risen in the past months. Sex sells, eh, Kotaku? :P