Nike Stuck a Sonic Minigame in its Strange Web Ad

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Yesterday, Nike's football division—that would be football football, not American football—cranked up "My Time is Now," which looks like the big campaign it'll have going during UEFA Euro 2012 in about three weeks. It shows a soccer pitch, the locker room, a team dinner all overrun by ordinary joes. OK, I get all that.

What's sort of bizarre are the "tunnels" Nike has embedded in the video—which you can only see on this page, not the video's standard YouTube page. If your cursor is mousing over Cristiano Ronaldo's tit, for example, it'll go into slow-mo for a nice product shot of whatever he's wearing. At least I think that's what triggered it.

Anyway, what's the games angle? Glad you asked. At 1:55, if you click on the Nike Vapor shoe ad in the background (on the stadium wall) it brings up Sonic X Vapor, a very rudimentary platformer featuring the Hedgehog-turned-pitchman. (Here is a screenshot showing you what and where to click, because there is no timestamp marker on the timeline on the Nike page.) You only have one control—spacebar for jump, though you can double jump. Sonic will also get a ball and blast it through all the Badniks on the screen.


Yes, it is a big, free ad for Nike but, hey, it's a time killer on a Saturday, too. You don't have to buy the shoes.

Nike Football [YouTube]

Nike Made a Sonic Game [Sega Forums, h/t Justin B.]

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I have to say, that ad was truly magnificent. Really goes to show you what can be done with internet multimedia tools in the hands of creative people. A shame that others don't try as hard. It was like a glimpse into the future of advertising.