Okay, Sure. Maybe The Kinect Can Teach Me Kung Fu.

"It's just good for dancing games." That's been the unofficial but commonly held belief about the Kinect for a good while now— Dance Central and Just Dance have long been the most impressive games to play with Microsoft's motion-detector.


But what about a fighting game? Specifically, a kung fu fighting game? Several fitness games have involved fighting components, but Kinesthetic Games' newly announced Kung Fu Superstar looks to add a lot more story and action to the mix. From the game's press release, "Players will relive the epic journey of Danny Cheng, a young aspiring martial artist, as he rises through the ranks of international fame and stardom. Aided by his trusted Sifu, Danny will discover the secrets of Kung Fu and become the most popular martial arts stuntman Hollywood has ever known."

Kinesthetic Games is headed up by former Lionhead developer Kostas Zarifis, who is joined by a small team of fwllow game developers from other studios— Kung Fu Superstar started out as a project for one of Lionhead's "creative days," but eventually grew into something more.

Players will use real kung fu moves to fight against digital enemies, and will use their whole body to do so—given that the Kinect can feel a bit slow to respond, the game will obviously sink or swim based on its responsiveness. But this trailer, at least, is good fun, and certainly leads me to think that the game will really teach players a few honest-to-goodness kung fu moves.

Okay, so now computers can teach us kung fu. Next stop: The Matrix.


Your King Mob

At least the Kung Fu you'd be learning in this would be as effective in the real world as that which you learn from a sifu. Both are pretty much worthless.

But hey, anything that gets people away from training Alive arts just makes my life easier.