Even Activision Executives Joked That StarCraft II Was Never Coming Out

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StarCraft was released in 1998. By 2010, three years after it had first been revealed, StarCraft II still wasn't out. If you thought it was understandable that fans were wondering if it was ever actually going to come out, it's pretty funny seeing even Activision's top executives thinking the same thing.


Buried in the emails made public by the ongoing Call of Duty lawsuit is this one, by Thomas Tipple, addressed to folks like Activision boss Bobby Kotick and former Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith. It's dated January 5, 2010, six months before the eventual and actual release of StarCraft II.

I think we have to get there with equity and the Rosensweig deal would get him materially above where he is in 2009 and still above the projection of 2010 (...and who knows whether StarCraft ever ships). We could hopefully get there with less.

We should discuss.


I'm sure he's not serious. With its release only six months away, Blizzard were by then putting the finishing touches on the game. Still, it's a pretty funny insight into something that, by 2010, had evidently managed to become a joke even to the executives in charge of running the damn company.

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I think the real joke is that Blizzard games are ready to release until the release date then they get pushed back a year.