Tera MMO Log Part 2, Supplemental: Look at All That Rested XP

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The plan was to spend a series of four consecutive weeks playing En Masse Entertainment's massively multiplayer online fantasy role-playing game Tera, reporting back every Wednesday leading up to the final review. Then all hell broke loose.


Diablo III arrived.

Since I still like to believe I am a single 25-year-old with boundless energy and enthusiasm, I figured juggling the two games would be no problem.

I was wrong.

I am an old man with two infant children. If I don't get to sleep by 2AM I get cranky and start waving my cane around. I am building up a massive amount of crotch, which is probably the wrong word for whatever makes an older person crotchety.

So I didn't get a chance to play Tera at all this week. Why bother even writing about it? Because I missed it. Even as I delved into the darkest depths of hell, part of me longed for something a bit prettier; something a bit less clicky.

I suppose next week's Tera log will be the final one leading up to the review, but it promises to be a big one. The first round of elections kick off on May 25, and things are about to get nasty.


I can't wait. Such plans I have; such succulent plans.



turn your UI scaling down, enjoy the world more