Taking Comment of the Week Submissions

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Well I bet you weren't expecting this one, were you? Last week I made a bold attempt at simplifying the comment of the week submissions for Best of Kotaku. It was a great idea, spurred by you guys.


Unfortunately, I can't make that system—involving what is a broken tag page—work for us. So we're going to revert back to a pooling ground, every Friday. However! The one silver lining here is that, assuming you've been using the #cotw tag when noticing favorite comments, it'll be easier than having to remember selections! Just look through your comment history for the tag! Right? Guys?

Ok, fine. Here's a picture of an adorable corgi to make up for it. While the cuteness sinks in, please present me your submissions (and a link to the comment) below.


I thought this was a very insightful comment.

I know it is kinda off topic but nonetheless it was good.