Play a Game as a Medieval Islamic Ruler. For Once.

Given the fact most big games are made by Westerners for Westerners, we don't often get the chance to assume the role of a serious, proper Islamic (or even Middle Eastern!) character. And no, Ubisoft, a fairy-tale, clichéd ideal of a Persian Prince doesn't count.


So it's awesome seeing Paradox give Crusader Kings II players the chance to do just that with an upcoming expansion for the game called Sword of Islam.

The Islamic factions, once walled off as unplayable in the game (and more often than not the enemy, given the time period involved), are now there to be played, with Paradox going the full authenticity route by changing how the game's titles, marriages and laws work to better accomodate the differences between Christian and Muslim realms.

The map has also been expanded to include more of the Middle East and Eurasia as well.

It's out next month, and will cost $10.

Those who'd prefer Westeros to the Middle East, well, there's something out now for you as well.



Well, I mean, there's M:TW 1&2, Empire:TW, virtually all of the Civ games (which added distinct cultures in Civ 3 - so, I suppose you can really say 3, 4, and 5 if you want to be picky), and Europa Universalis. There're probably more than that - but what's at least in my library gives a decent amount of variety...