Watch Sam Fisher Stab Terrorists In This Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer

Seen today at Ubisoft's press conference, here's another look at Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

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Ubisoft Toronto's Zack Cooper Responds to all the negative feedback...a good read.


some highlights

I would really like for you guys to open up your minds for a moment (I'm not pleading, I'm asking).

Understand that a lot of what goes into an announce is marketing.

Mass appeal.

Show what sings to the people. Not just the hardcore fans.

Spies vs. Mercs is back. ...and it's going to kick some serious ass.

There will be plenty of shadows and darkness... and sneaking... and moving bodies... and sticky shocker moments (and TONS of other stuff we'll communicate later).

There will be alternate routes, and more open levels.