See This? See This Blend of Sports Skill and Dancing Rhythm? Yeah, Owen's Gonna Try That on Video

No, NBA Baller Beats, a Kinect rhythm game, is not a joke, but I'm sure as hell going to look like one attempting to play it when I swing by Majesco's booth later this week at E3. I can't do a crossover dribble. I can't even dribble with my left hand. Now, I can dribble in my left hand, but that's a different activity.

This encounter will be filmed and published later on. For that, I asked Nathan Barnatt—aka the infamous Keith Apicary, videogame dancer—for tips on how to approach the task. "The best thing I can suggest is to somehow lose all self respect," he replied. Mission accomplished.


Judging by this video, I'd say the only people who should play it are good-looking 20-somethings with dancing talent who either live on the bottom floor or in a loft apartment with insulated floors. Because otherwise, you're going to drive your downstairs neighbors to murder.

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Batista Thumbs Up

I admire your two giant Spauldings for attempting this and recording it for human history, Owen. That said, I'm really hoping you dribble it off your foot a few times like Shawn Bradley trying to lead a fast break.