Here's Why You Should Get Cards Against Humanity, The Hilarious Hyde to Apples to Apples' Jeckyll

Just yesterday, the long-out-of-stock card game Cards Against Humanity came became available at Amazon. I had been waiting to order the game ever since I first played it at a party about a month ago, so I jumped on the opportunity.

What do you know, my deck of cards arrived today! So, I thought I'd make a video to show you guys why it's so much fun, and to give a sampling of the gleefully offensive and wonderfully random cards the game offers.


If you want to order the game, you can get it for $25 on Amazon, and Canadians can get it for the same price on Shopify. Best of all, if you're hard-up for cash, you can print your own set for free.

Of course, I recommend buying the printed version, if only because the cards are nice-looking and it's cool to support the people who made the game.

Have good offensive card-gaming, everyone!

Cards Against Humanity [Official Page]

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This should work well with the group i hang with; we play Apples to Apples without any pc-ness at all anyways.

Example :

Topic was "Funny" - winning card : "AIDS"

Topic was "Rare" - winning card : "Babies"