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You Won't Believe How This Zelda Picture Was Made

Illustration for article titled You Wont Believe How This emZelda/em Picture Was Made

Take a good, close look at this beautiful painting based on The Legend of Zelda. It looks like it was done using PhotoShop, right? Maybe a speed painting on a tablet?


Nope. It was done on a Nintendo 3DS. Using the simple art program Colors 3D!. That tiny screen, that fat have come up with something that gorgeous with those tools is one hell of a feat for artist Lucsdf.


If you don't believe him/me, the link below has a short video showing the piece in progress (which in turn was inspired by these photos).

Zelda Zoras River [Colors 3D!, via Tiny Cartridge]

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Looks Meh. Check out what I made in paint.