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Black Ops II Pre-Order Bonuses Now Include Nuketown 2025

Illustration for article titled emBlack Ops II/em Pre-Order Bonuses Now Include Nuketown 2025

Do you love Black Ops? Do you love Nuketown? Do you wish you could pre-order Black Ops II and go back to Nuketown? Well then today is your lucky day!


Major retailers have updated their pre-order bonuses to reflect the recently announced Nuketown 2025 map being made for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The fine fellas at MP1st we're nice enough to grab the links to all the majors so you can check out the deals at Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop respectively.


You can learn more about Nuketown 2025 at the official website.

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One thing I don't like is splitting the online community up for muliplayer. Even though the game will have millions of people playing online I hate it when you miss out on half the competition because they are playing a special map pack.