Here Are A Couple Of Companions For Your Journey Into The World Of Soul Sacrifice

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In Soul Sacrifice, players take on the role of an imprisoned servant awaiting imminent death who must fight their way to freedom by wielding the magic of sacrifice. Apparently pulling out your spine and wielding it as a sword is too dangerous to do alone.


Two companion characters have been announced for the game: A fellow mage and… A book.

During imprisonment, the player is given a spell book by a fellow servant in a neighboring cell. The living spell book, Librom, has the ability to allow anyone reading it to experience the stories written within. Librom offers the player a chance to discover the "truth of this world" and "a way to escape their destiny" by reading what is written within.


The player also meets the female mage, Nimue, during trials to become a mage. Through their adventures, the player learns of her motives and of "an inescapable fate that awaits…"

Previous released images show the various body parts that can be sacrificed for different spells and attacks, but new information reveals that other objects can be used for other powerful and (somewhat) less-mutilating spells. Sacrificing a piece of stone rubble makes a protective stone wall for defense and the bone of a giant can be sacrificed for a strong offensive spell. Even without the self-mutilation, the overall atmosphere and theme of the game is creepy and disturbing enough to make me want to definitely give it a shot when it come out.

Soul Sacrifice is scheduled for release in Japan this winter. While a North American release has been confirmed, there is no set release date.


『SOUL SACRIFICE(ソウル・サクリファイス)』主人公の運命を大きく左右する相棒 [ファミ通.com]

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When I saw the living book and woman, my mind immediately jumped to a darker, more serious Nier. hm.